Our services

In addition to rentals, sales, advisory, and rental management, we offer a large selection of commercial property, retail window stores and offices adapted to your needs.


- If you wish to offer your property for rent in the Principality, Mazza Immobilier proposes the following services:

1. Estimation of rental value

2. Marketing and visits of the property for rent

3. Selection of tenant according to solvency criteria (income, guarantees etc.)

4. Establishment of the lease, inventory of fixtures and handing-over of the keys

5. A specific and available point of contact

6. Advice to raise the rental potential of your property

7. Strategies for property and fiscal optimisation

- If you are looking for a property to rent:

1. A sensitive and realistic assessment of your situation

2. Selection of the most appropriate options for your needs

3. Establishment of the lease, inventory of fixtures and handing-over of the keys

4. Advice and follow-up assistant with your move to Monaco: from basic services such as electricity, gas and water installation, personalised home insurance, a full package of advice on the necessary administrative steps (e.g. residence permit), and advice useful to those who are living in Monaco for the first time.

5. Availability 7 days a week in case of emergency.


- Do you wish to buy a property in Monaco?

We propose:

1. Properties at their fair market price

2. A proposition adapted to your exacting needs

3. Professional advice for financing your investment

4. Advice for the optimisation of your real estate holdings (fiscal matters, succession, renovation, etc.)

5. Our complete availability and knowledge at your service

-  Do you wish to sell a property in Monaco?

More than just a simple transaction, we assure you of a fully portfolio of services to optimise your sale:

1. Estimation of sale value

2. A full survey of your apartment

3. Marketing and advertising through various media outlets

4. Visits of the property for sale

5. Drafting of offers and terms of sale

6. Completion of steps concerning the notary (notary signatures or notarial act) or legal counsel (for the transfer of winding up of companies or commercial entities)


1. Free estimation of rental value

2. Advice for the optimisation of your property

3. Establishment of the lease, inventory of fixtures and handing-over of the keys

4. Processing and transfer of rent

5. Recovery of provisional rental charges and readjustment in accordance with the landlord’s account

6. Day-to-day management of the property

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